Our families!

The Rushtons

Preston comes from a large family! They are all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They are all very close and when we got married, I felt like I was embraced into their family like I had been there all along. Preston has 3 younger sisters. Lettice, the oldest sister, is married to Ryan. They have 6 kids. Porter, 8, Benson, 6, Lincoln, 3, Peter, 3, Annlyn, 1, and America, 5 months. Lincoln and Annlyn were adopted!
Next in line is Lura, who is married to (a different) Ryan. They have 2 children. Carter, 3, and Cash, 6 months.
Last but certainly not least is Faith, who is married to Spencer. They have 2 girls, Gracie, 2 and Brooklyn, 1. That makes 10 nieces and nephews and we love each and every one of them!
Preston is lucky enough to have 2 sets of parents. Katherine (his mother) and Grant (his step father who adopted him when he was young), and John (his father) and his step-mother Mary. His parents and sisters live throughout the country (& Germany!) so we don’t see them as often as we wish we could, but we talk to them almost daily!

Kelly’s family is a little smaller. She has 1 brother, Taylor. Her parents are Melony and David. We are lucky to be able to live so close to them, as well as her aunts and grandmother! They have been super helpful with any and all house projects we start. They also love to grill and cookout- so we do that a lot 🙂 we all love being able to look out at the lake while we eat outside on our large patio!

Our wedding reception in Raleigh, NC
the Rushton clan

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